Burn fat and lose weight today!
Book 4 EMSLIM neo sessions for just £200 each (better than half price!)
34a High St, Winslow, MK18 3HB
34a High St, Winslow, MK18 3HB

Build muscle and burn fat without going to the gym!

Do you want to burn fat and build muscle without going to the gym?

EMSLIM neo is one of the first non-evasive procedures that allows you to burn fat and build muscle with no downtime!

Fantastic savings for a limited time only! Just £200 per session (better than half price) when you book four or more sessions. Offer only valid on the first 10 bookings. Usual price £450 per session.

Don’t want to go to the gym? No problem! EMSLIM neo is a great alternative to working out, offering the same results as weeks or months of hard work at the gym. It delivers contractions equivalent to 24,000 squats or 24,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes!

EMSLIM neo is a fantastic treatment that can help you with a more contoured and defined figure, without having to break a sweat! You might have heard of a treatment called EMSCULPT NEO – and our EMSLIM neo machine is virtually the same, offering stunning results!


Build Muscle. Burn Fat.

Without breaking a sweat.

Equivalent to 24,000 sit-ups!

Build Muscle. Burn Fat.

Without breaking a sweat.

Equivalent to 24,000 sit-ups!

EMSculpt NEO before and after


EMSLIM neo is one of the the world’s first non-invasive procedures to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat with no downtime.

25% average increase in muscle mass

30% average fat reduction

Sculpt the abdomen, buttocks, arms & legs

Delivers contractions equivalent to 24,000 squats 

Get a more defined and contoured look

Tones your abs, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves in ways no workout ever could

Special offer!

Better than half price!
Pay just £200 per session (instead of £450) if you are one of the first ten people to book four or more sessions.

How effective is EMSLIM neo

EMSLIM neo has been proven to increase muscle mass by an average of 25% and burn fat by an average of 30% in both men and women! The revolutionary new machine uses safe and scientific ways of consistently burning fat and building muscle, without having to step foot in the gym!


Avg. Increase in Muscle Mass


Avg. Fat Reduction

EMSLIM neo – FAQ’s

Is EMSLIM neo the same as EMSCULTP neo?

They both offer very similar results, however at PureMed MAN, we believe that EMSLIM neo is the best way for our patients to burn fat and build muscle without going to the gym. EMSLIM neo offers fantastic results and is great value for money.

What technology does EMSLIM neo use?

EMSLIM neo uses both Radio frequency (RF) and high-intensity electromagnetic energies (HI-FEM).

What areas can you treat with EMSLIM neo?

EMSLIM neo can help to build and tone muscle, burn fat and tighten skin. It can be used to treat biceps, triceps, inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs and calves.

How long does a treatment last?

Each treatment lasts for 30 minutes and sessions should be spaced once per week.

Are the results permanent?

The melting of fat is permanent, yes! As for the skin and muscle, these areas need a boost every 3 months.

Why do men need anti-wrinkle and skincare treatments?

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